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Select an appropriate image together with the child; connect it to a specific letter or word. Type the text in WORD  or copy it from a document, select it, then from the font menu select Dotterel ABC /  font is visualized as a group of dots /.

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The selected text is visualized as dotted letters. Tracing them develops the fine motorics of the child’s hand.

Add sound–you can record the pronunciation of the word on the Sound Recorder /Start - Programs -  Accessories - Entertainment - Sound Recorder/. Add the recording to your document.

Print out the created document for the child to practice his/her handwriting.

In this way you can practice with texts studied in foreign languages at school or study a foreign language together with your friends abroad. You can help your child write his/her first book or make and write a holiday card all by him/ herself.

We expect your ideas for the use of Dotterel ABC at [email protected]  to publish them on the website to be accessible for parents and teachers all over the world.

Dotterel ABC is used to improve handwriting!