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Dotterel ABC is a font which depicts letters in dots as connecting these dots trains the hand towritebeautiful written letters. It contains the letters for more than 40 languages. Moreover, working withthefont is extremely simple as it is enough to type or copy the text, select it, and then, from the fontmenu,you cane select Dotterel ABC  and size of the letters 36, 48 pf 72 in order to see the whole text in beautiful written letters traced with dots. For better outline, it would be good to highlight it in BOLD.Youcan also use the function ITALIC and make the text in cursive style. From the menu PRINT you canprint out what you have created and give it to your child for exercise. Writing a whole word helps the child, along with beautiful handwriting, to learn its spelling. Associating a word with a picture on the other handisvery useful when learning a foreign language. In this site you will be able to publish your ideas andopinionsabout using Dotterel ABC and the exchange of this experience will be very useful for all parents and teachers worldwide. Writing in beautiful letters is considered as an art among many peoples много and cultivates respect for words.

Dotterel ABC has letters for all peoples using Latin or Cyrillic letters.

The team of Dotterel ABC remains at your disposal for all your questions, suggestions and opinions regarding the use of the font.

Installing a font: Click the button Download. Once you open the window File Download, choose Save. Open your window to select a directory to save the font. Select My Computer -> Local Disk (C:) -> folder WINDOWS -> folder Fonts. Click the button Save. Done!

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