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Dotterel ABC website has been made to help children and parents who want to build vocabulary in a foreign language. In addition, our services are completely free.

Does learning a foreign language always have to be so tedious and boring?
The explicit answer is No!.
Mastering a new language should indeed be a challenge, but not a boring one.
When learning a language is boring, then the learning progress is not that good.
Learning a new language can be really pleasant when the learning approach is also fun! Nowadays, we can learn new languages not only with the help of dictionaries and courses, but also through social media, movies or even through playing games!

You can play our interactive game in your spare time, thus learning new languages by reading and listening. You can listen to a whole story while reading at the same time. The game is available in 7 languages - Bulgarian, English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish and Portuguese. As every person has a different way to remember things, the game is developed to enable easy learning of vocabulary through images, text, sound and melody.

You can learn languages everywhere, as the game is easily accessible on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone anywhere on earth. You can also take advantage of our apps for Android and IOS, which can be downloaded from our website.

If you think that you have already acquired an extensive vocabulary and want to learn handwriting in a foreign language, then you can use the free Dotterel ABC font. This way your kid will have fun while learning.

This is easily done in just a few steps:
1. Download the free Dotterel ABC font - from here.
2. Copy the file with the font - Right-click the file and then click "Copy".
3. Open "My Computer" and enter the Local Disk (C:)->WINDOWS->Fonts.
4. Right-click, then click "Paste".

You already have the Dotterel ABC font available on your computer. Now you have to open a text editor and write words with the Dotterel ABC font, then print the document written in the text editor.

In addition, we offer you to download and print out our 40-page Font Dotterel ABC exercise booklet absolutely free. This booklet will help your kid learn how to write the letters of the Bulgarian alphabet. You can also find a poem, story, riddle, song which can teach your children. Furthermore, your kids will have fun by coloring the book.

We at Dotterel ABC aim at providing a completely free and effective way to learn foreign languages to you and your kids.

Soon you'll be able to check your knowledge acquired through the game by tests with assessment and prizes!


The following video will show how to use the Dotterel ABC interactive game.


Hello, We are happy you chose Dotterel ABC as a software training program for your child. The team of Dotterel ABC remains at your disposal for all your questions and suggestions.

Our products are provided to nurseries, kindergartens and other educational facilities free of charge. For more information please place an inquiry.

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